How To Make A Design For Beautiful, Unique And Modern Stairs

Stair is most important and valuable for every house or building. we all know about purpose of stairs and daily use somewhere.

Staircase is a set of stairs and including surrounding walls. it’s consist various components riser, trade, handrails, waist slab, nosing, rise, landing, flight, soffit etc.

Now biggest question arise in mind about design of staircase, We help to make it very simple way and make more attractive, beautiful, unique and modern.

Here are some point which give you a clarity about making a design of staircase.


Whenever you prepare a design, we definitely should be basic information like dimension, size, shape, style, types etc. size of staircase is totally depend on size of the house, height of the house and other things which is practically requirements.

It’s consist many things

  • Width of stair
  • Size of trade
  • Height of riser
  • Type of stairs
  • Ceiling height

For learn some design of stair click here


Location of staircase are type in the house

  1. Inside the house
  2. Outside the house

How can I choose best location for staircase in the house, it’s depend on

  1. Cost effective
  2. Don’t consume more space
  3. Look wise attractive
  4. Safety
  5. Comfortable
  6. Stylish

Location is more important for designing because it’s effect on other room in the house.

Style and type of stairs

There are various type and style of stairs. We help to which type of stair and style suit for your dream house.

Some examples here

  1. Straight Stairs
  2. L-shaped Stairs
  3. U-shaped Stairs
  4. Circular Stairs
  5. Spiral Stairs
  6. Split Staircase


There are many type of material used in build a stairs and they give attractive look to our stairs and over all our house

Some material

  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Glass

Generally use in the house that is concrete stair and improve their look we use steel and glass railing and tile flooring, granite and marbles used.

Designing Rules

According to building codes there are some design rules for stairs and it’s difference in different country

Design Rules

  • Riser
  • Trade
  • Handrail Height
  • Width

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