Design Process: Best Way To Design A House In 7 Steps

Design of any product or anything is most important for a designer of every industry. we all live in this modern era, here everything will change in every second but few thing never be change that is fundamental values.

Design process is basic of every design of product and use this process we can make a wonderful design for our product and give a new dimension of a design. It’s will be more attractive, unique and beautiful.

Here we are providing a way to design of a dream house which is help to find out a perfect design of your house and it’s a process to design anything for you and make real impact on your design.

This process is very simple and easy for everyone, they are designing something for them and other people and make a tremendous impact on their life and world.

Here are 7 step to guide for house design process and how we work.


  1. Design brief
  2. Research
  3. Strategy
  4. Designing
  5. Presentation
  6. Review
  7. Final Presentation And Delivery

Design Brief

There are different type of design brief in different industry and their goal, strategy, process, method also different. here we are giving to ideas for making a design brief for a house. in the house, design brief is overlook of a house project.

Design brief is simple and easy to understand for a house project.

How To Write A Design Brief For House Project

  • Define what you want
  • Budget
  • Future design planning
  • Environmental condition

These are primary requirement of any design project and here are some other requirement for design a house like

  • Size of house
  • Location of house
  • Soil condition
  • Pattern and style of house
  • Built up area
  • No of room

Every thing is cover in what you want and expectation.


Research is very important for any project of every industry, research give a clear cut idea for our design. Research for design a dream house, we understand your needs, wants and expectation and also study & learn about house relative facts from different sources and make a new conclusion of this.

Why Research Is Important ??

  • Expands Knowledge
  • More Creativity
  • Make New Idea and Strategy

We have design brief of project and we are researching on this with the help of design brief and make a new strategy for our project of dream house.


Strategy is main part of the design process. In this step we are making wonderful plans and strategies from research and design brief of the project of any industry. We use BPE method for building designs and other design for our company.

Key Features of Strategy

  • Customer needs
  • Use technology
  • Creative design based on research

Strategy is help to achieve our design goals and make a different & unique identity.


We have full information of the project, strategy for design and research on design aspect. Now we can design anything for you and make more beautiful, unique, attractive designs for you. Perfect design for your project with help of these all strategy, method, technique etc.

Requirement For Design

  • Cost
  • Shape and Size
  • Needs
  • Wants

We will help to make a great design for your dream house and also provide a perfect and unique design for you which is different from all design, each and every design is different.


Presentation is important key for this design process. Because if you communicate well, then you can easily convey your ideas with your customer and company. for this presentation skill is needed. Presentation skills are vital for individual growth as well as the success of an organization on the whole.

Why Presentation Skills are So Important

  • Interact with your customer
  • Easy to understand
  • Your confidence, self-belief  and vocal tone
  • Read mindset of your customer

Presentation is more important than every step of this process. It’s convey a strong message and what actually serve you for your clients.


After presentation, we are reviewing our design with client or company and they are giving valuable feedback for presenting design. Giving effective design feedback plays a major role in making the right design decisions that lead to a successful project of house design.

How To Conduct Review

Providing effective feedback isn’t just a way to improve a design project and help a designer grow — it’s also a learning opportunity for you.

Review all details of design and make more improvement in design and better for you. Review also help to designer’s skill and grow in their designs.

Final Presentation And Delivery

Final presentation is conclusion of this design process and ready to deliver final design for you. In review step we are learn about mistakes and improve our design for you with keep an open mind.

In Final Presentation What We Give

  • Visuals Support 
  • Separate Slides
  • Furniture Plan
  • Budget
  • Future Plan

The client about their budget, their lifestyle, their style and their desires for the house.


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