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Apna Ghar help to make your house beautiful, unique and attractive with amazing designs and plans, here are more ideas for you.

Our House Design


Whether you want feature a swimming pool, modern living area, entertainment system and internet access latest collection of villa design ideas will have something for you.


If you want different style of house and clear geometrical patterns, green terrace, big verandas, build up a unique experience. More wonderful design ideas for you.

Modern House

Imagine you are living in a comfortable, modern house with smart lifestyle. A better quality construction in finish with fewer defects. here are many amazing design ideas.

Super Luxury

Make unique identity with your home, enjoy luxurious life here are many design ideas for you.

Ultra-Modern House

Make perfect ultra-modern house design with high quality and here are huge collection of these designs.

Small Indian House

Make super attractive and beautiful house in small plot size and affordable for everyone, many choice for your dream house with perfect design.


Whether you live with highest standards, better location, wonderful views and latest design for you.


You want stunning appearance, massive space, worthy living experience, great art pieces. We have latest collection of mansion house design ideas for you.

Smart House

Make your home is fully automatic with latest technology and methods. Here are more design and latest ideas for your luxurious house.

Interior Design


Whatever your style is, we have it. Check out now our curated list of bedroom design trends.

Living Room

Whether you want a space to entertain or a place to relax our latest collection of living room design ideas will have something for you.


Make your bathroom super luxury and modern master bathroom with open shower, LED vanity lighting and more feature see our latest collection of bathroom design.


Whether you want a smart kitchen with new feature and advanced technology our latest collection of kitchen design ideas will have something for you.


Straight, curved, u-shaped, l-shaped, spiral and split stair, Whatever your style of stair is, we have it. Check out now our curated list of stairs design trends.


Whether your want a space to spend quality time with your friends and families to relax our latest collection of porch design ideas will have something for you.


Do something new for your balcony see our collection of balcony design ideas which is very useful for you.


Make your home eco-friendly with our latest collection of garden design ideas.


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